Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Trash Bag Ninja

Still working on our bum cartoon. This is sort of a new character. I came up with him over a year ago, but just now starting to figure him out.
I'm calling him "Sinchi Sacki"...thus the "hefty hefty cinch sack" he lives in. I can't really reveal who he really is, for he's a ninja and ninjas don't like that shit. But moreover I don't want to reveal too much about what we're doing. Just know that he hides out in the alleys disguised as a trash bag. Newspapers rubber-banded to his feet for sneaking around...throws soup can lids like ninja stars...maybe he's silent, maybe he's whiney. Kind of like oscar the grouch meets someguy who is malnourished and wished he were Jacki Chan.


Colin said...

This is truly inspired. I love your idea, you wacky hobo-lover.


ShayLurie said...

beautiful work, you talented bastard!

Anonymous said...

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