Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tana Zombie

My wife Tana has a thing about October and Halloween. She rents nothing but horror movies from netflix the whole month. We keep a bell on Jade's door to make sure she doesn't see some cabin whore getting her head split open by some radioactive forest zombie. I have figured out a way to enjoy the exhausting experience by keeping my head buried in my sketchbook drawing zombies and drinking beer.

Tana has a thing about zombies, and so in the traditional "early as hell marketing to the masses before it's really fucking time to do so" American tradition, here she is as a zombie. She wanted me to do it. I swear. She's a vegetarian zombie, thus she would be craving a veggie substitute for brains, which would pretty much be thick noodle spaghetti, which again would make perfect sense for the Pasta Queen.

Hopefully I can post a bunch of Halloween stuff up for October. Hell, I may be able to roll the zombie theme right into Thanksgiving and murder out a turkey! They're used to murder.