Sunday, September 27, 2009

My home music studio

Years ago I converted my 2 car garage into a music studio (with a little help from my friends). We've put it to good use over the years recording stuff from balls out punk to sappy ballads to sound effects and voice overs for animation. It's one of those ever changing spaces. In fact, I pulled down the whole Star Wars wall today. It's now a William Shatner shrine.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tana Zombie

My wife Tana has a thing about October and Halloween. She rents nothing but horror movies from netflix the whole month. We keep a bell on Jade's door to make sure she doesn't see some cabin whore getting her head split open by some radioactive forest zombie. I have figured out a way to enjoy the exhausting experience by keeping my head buried in my sketchbook drawing zombies and drinking beer.

Tana has a thing about zombies, and so in the traditional "early as hell marketing to the masses before it's really fucking time to do so" American tradition, here she is as a zombie. She wanted me to do it. I swear. She's a vegetarian zombie, thus she would be craving a veggie substitute for brains, which would pretty much be thick noodle spaghetti, which again would make perfect sense for the Pasta Queen.

Hopefully I can post a bunch of Halloween stuff up for October. Hell, I may be able to roll the zombie theme right into Thanksgiving and murder out a turkey! They're used to murder.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Trash Bag Ninja

Still working on our bum cartoon. This is sort of a new character. I came up with him over a year ago, but just now starting to figure him out.
I'm calling him "Sinchi Sacki"...thus the "hefty hefty cinch sack" he lives in. I can't really reveal who he really is, for he's a ninja and ninjas don't like that shit. But moreover I don't want to reveal too much about what we're doing. Just know that he hides out in the alleys disguised as a trash bag. Newspapers rubber-banded to his feet for sneaking around...throws soup can lids like ninja stars...maybe he's silent, maybe he's whiney. Kind of like oscar the grouch meets someguy who is malnourished and wished he were Jacki Chan.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Spockula the Vulpire!!!

Spockula was created by way of a drawing exercise I made up. Scribble drawings, random shape sketches, I really don't have a name. Does everything is this damn world need a fucking name? Anyways... pretty much I hand the pen to a friend and they scribble some wavy drunken line on it. Swirls, zig-zag, open-sided organic shapes, someone's name in Arabic... It should take about 2 seconds to do the squiggle. I then take the mess and use it as a start or idea for some drawing, building my composition and elements around it. It's a pretty fun family game too.

So my friend Meg did this one in my sketchbook and as the solution came to me I just couldn't decide between Spock or Dracula...thus...SPOCKULA!