Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Before and after Photoshop

In scanning pages in my sketchbook I came across this drawing.  Mike wanted me to try and emulate the sci-fi movie character sketch style.  He asked me to draw an intergalactic dark crystal inspired convict.  I don't think I got it.  Looks more like one of those shitty paintings on the side of an 80's arcade game.  I hear Bill Sanchez (one of my artcollege profs) telling me "it's good to work outside your comfort zone kid!  That's it, yeah!  Wrap it around!"    I did find a good use for that photo I snapped at Shay's storage locker last time he was in town.  No joke.  I added a layer over the top to make it look dirty.  I also added so much black that you PC users can't see anything at all.  Perfect!  Whatever...I will probably update soon.  It was kind of a quickie job.

So here's a look at the sketch pre and post Photoshop