Thursday, July 16, 2009

Band O' Bums! Character exploration

I'm having a blast making fun of myself and my band mates. My handsome band buddies and I met in art college and have been playing music as "The Hardstuff" for years. Well, now is a good a time as any to put animation to the music...which was our original idea years ago. A vehicle for our twisted art.

So I'm working on creating us as bums (not a far stretch really) for a Broadway/Tom Waits style song I wrote on the piano which I cannot release because, well I don't want some joker ripping it off, and it's not properly recorded yet.

Mike's the bald one with the shiner. Shay's the fuzzy mad muppet and I'm the shaved ape. Oh and the guy crapping on in the chicken bucket will eventually be me. But my ass looks way better than that I think...maybe I need to refer to some "photo reference"!

Also a new take on the Bum Fairy.

More on the way!