Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This Girl I Know

I want to tell you about this girl I know.  Never before have I known a human of any kind to embrace complete strangers and seconds later, witness those people walk away with a deep smile on their faces, and of course... one on my own face as well.  Never have I seen anyone give her last cent to someone who’s rich and maybe even whiney but definitely love-worthy and needing just a nice meal and some wind in their sails.  The one you want to call a martyr but that’s actually how she is without working toward any kind of label.
            An adventure could happen on the couch.  An incredible story written in just a brow raised sentence smashed between an infectious laugh and an incomprehensible whisper.  The best drug is waking up next to her in a tiny bed.
            She’s a dreamer that can actually make the small and large dreams take shape and then toss them away when it’s not at all right.  She can do that shit without trying.  She believes in herself and is proud of her craft, style and intelligence.
            She extends her whole self out to her friends when she has nothing to reach with.  No rhythm on a tambourine, but plenty on the dance floor.  Musicians are selfish anyways.  Or at least enough of them are that it's not all jazz and soul.
            If you’re mean to her though, if you second guess yourself, if you interfere with her safety, compromise her sense of respect, belittle yourself, hmm.  Well you might get what was coming to you, or nothing at all as her number may have changed.
            She feels odd.  And yet I see her as human as humans should be.  And that actually is odd, because like nobody else I know, a postcard or a nice letter or maybe even a perfect gift may just come in the mail on the one day you think nobody had your back.  If you’re lucky enough to be one of her dear ones, you know there’s not enough you can do to reciprocate the pride and warmth she slips under your ribs.  She cures back problems in some people giving you the “fuck yes” you need to walk with your chin high and your slouch straightened .
She’s not on facebook.  She’s not on twitter.  Not a hipstagrammer.  Has her juggernaut opinions.  No iPhone of course.  But her “not so smart” phone has never dropped a call.  Her way makes sense though even and at first it seems she may be stubborn without reference.  Well, sometimes she is.  Funny thing is, others’ ways make sense too, yes, but those ways aren’t as interesting.  They’re usually cream filled with guilt, fear and weakness.  Not always.  Really, there’s a lot of great people out there, but after only a brief meeting with this girl you will either 1) know what you should be doing and how and/or go on with a better chance of that from then on, OR 2) you will resist.. maybe not be happy with what she has to say due to chemistry or maybe your just a close-minded dick-head.  You’ll at least have a taste of living in the here and now.
She doesn’t care to get old.  Most people fear it.  Run from it, plastic surgery it, pay to reverse it from the outside, yet inside they get dull in spirit and spend more days running the lemming maze when the beach is just over the wall.  This girl I know is maybe one I'll unfortunately have to say I "used to know".  She showed me though that I can climb over that wall.  I haven't yet, but I'm getting footholds.  As I do, I can hear her say, “Quite frankly, they wouldn’t have made it climbable if you were just meant to be a sucker.”