Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Spockula the Vulpire!!!

Spockula was created by way of a drawing exercise I made up. Scribble drawings, random shape sketches, I really don't have a name. Does everything is this damn world need a fucking name? Anyways... pretty much I hand the pen to a friend and they scribble some wavy drunken line on it. Swirls, zig-zag, open-sided organic shapes, someone's name in Arabic... It should take about 2 seconds to do the squiggle. I then take the mess and use it as a start or idea for some drawing, building my composition and elements around it. It's a pretty fun family game too.

So my friend Meg did this one in my sketchbook and as the solution came to me I just couldn't decide between Spock or Dracula...thus...SPOCKULA!

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