Thursday, June 3, 2010

buh bye

I have deactivated my facebook.  I'm done.  If anybody wants to reach me, please email me.  For any "status updates" please check this blog...though I'm not feeling real chit chatty about my status right now.


Shay Lurie said...

Mo Nore bacefook? way to break free from the confines of the interwebs! i hope by cutting this tie, it helps you to maintain your sanity.

Gregory Allen said...

It's not sanity I worry about my friend, it's happiness.

I miss you buddy. I really miss our musical connection as well.

Heather C said...

You better write a bit about jade here then! I will miss your virtual presence :) be well

Beth B said...

I miss u already. Thx for posting pics of Jade here.

Jolene said...

Hey Man,

Found out you ditched facebook when I tried to message this link to you:
I love your sketchbooks and bet others would love to see em too!

love ya,