Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New York!

Well it seems that I'm heading to New York to visit my good buddy Shay at the end of July. An early birthday gift from my wife Tana. "Happy Birthday love. Now get out of here!" I've never been to New York or anywhere out that direction so I'm pretty excited.

Here's my list of things I need to see and do as a tourist:

• Channel my grandfather through Oda Mae Brown

• Get a pizza delivered by Spiderman

• Watch the Ghostbusters drive the Statue of Liberty around covered in positively-charged mood slime.

• See King Kong's chalk outline next to the empire state building

• Get kicked out by the Soup Nazi

• Search for robot parts in Johnny 5's salvage yard.

• Get a drink in John Maclane's dive bar "The Yipee Ki Yay"...make fists with my toes.

• Play a game of hoops at the X-mansion. I didn't know they had basketball courts.

• Go through the portal to John Malcovich's brain in the 7½ floor of the Mertin Flemmer building

I'm not holding my breathe but I'll keep my eyes peeled for ninja turtles, muppets or gremlins while I'm there. Did Mick Dundee end up in New York or Australia in the end?

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